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Befi (Office for economic and financial stu-
dies) was founded in 1936 by Eugene
Gelbert, who died in 1991. His enthusiasm
and passion for architecture and his
knowledge of engineering enabled him to
establish several offices, which have
made their mark on Geneva. Among them,
the ensemble of the Rive-Centre group,
which houses the Rive parking, considered
as an architectural and technical land-
mark of its era.

Since 2008, Mario Chiaramonte, holder of
the Federal Certificate in Real Estate

Management, has been running the
company. Before this, he occupied technical,
commercial and administrative positions.

Befi is specialised in real estate mana-
gement for commercial and rental
properties and is very experienced in their

Befi prioritises offering each client the
best personalised service and has
remained a human-scale business, which
enables it to tailor its services to custo-
mer requirements.